For Meeting Planners - Keynote Speaker Dave Gerber, Conflict Management Training and the Synergy Sand Film
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Over 20 minutes of continuous footage from the National League of Cities National Conference!

"Synergy Sand Film" - Dave is the only speaker in the world that uses innovative, rarely seen, moving sand art. Experience the connection between the film and keynote/event theme and realize in the first three minutes that choosing Dave to speak at your event was a great decision!

"Viewing the sand film was a unique and innovative way to key into the theme of Dave Gerber's presentation to our annual state league staff workshop. It brought home the point that anything worth creating -- and worth creating well -- has to be done at the right pace and with a team of people who can work well together. Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme of Dave's talk."

Scott A. Morris, Manager,
State League Programs National League of Cities

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