"Viewing the sand film was a unique and innovative way to key into the theme of Dave Gerber's presentation to our annual state league staff workshop. It brought home the point that anything worth creating -- and worth creating well -- has to be done at the right pace and with a team of people who can work well together. Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme of Dave's talk."
- Scott A. Morris, Manager, State League Programs, National League of Cities

Energize your event!! All of Dave’s keynote speeches, regardless of the subject matter, are passionate, humorous, content rich and motivational! Areas of expertise and invitations were on the following subjects:

  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management within Teams
  • Leadership and Conflict Management
  • Collaboration, Communication, Negotiations
  • Project Management and Effective Leadership
  • Project Management and Conflict Management
  • Leadership Coaching, Mediation and Facilitation
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Time, Energy and Stress Management
  • Working with “Difficult People”
  • Adult learning and Behavior Management
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • “On Fire Leadership!”
"Dave Gerber's passionate delivery and relevant information resonated with me, as it did for nearly 100 others in attendance at his recent "On Fire Leadership" seminar at the Washington DC PMI Chapter. His high energy, effective and memorable use of humor and certainly, the exceptional content of his presentation made for a most impressive training experience. He understands the world of work, and more specifically, the world of project management. His integration of fresh approaches to success within the context of projects will prove most useful to me immediately and in the future. I was so impressed with our training day that I am looking forward to hiring Dave for two events of my own in 2009/2010 and beyond!"
- Sandi Redman, Project Manager, NTCA, 2009/2010
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