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Dave Gerber, President
Synergy Development & Training, LLC

Synergy Development & Training helps organizations, individuals, and project teams USE CONFLICT. As President of Synergy Development and Training, Dave has dedicated himself to helping individuals and organizations use conflict and leadership development opportunities to build stronger, more collaborative relationships, enhance productivity, increase revenue while reducing risk. Innovative, dynamic, humorous, passionate -- just a few words that describe Dave Gerber’s impact as a speaker. He blends an engaging personality with actionable substance, doing more than generating interest; he stirs people to action immediately.

Dave uses humor, interactivity, multi-media presentations, and a wide variety of communication styles to quickly connect with his listeners and share powerful messages that are customized for each audience. Those who hear Dave walk away informed, energized and optimistic -- ready to make a difference in the way they live, lead and work with others.


Dave, the “King of Conflict,” is known for his powerful keynote addresses and training on conflict management. Additionally, he demonstrates an innovative approach and unique style while offering individual’s great value on other subjects such as leadership, communication, change, motivation and negotiations. He is the only presenter in the world using a fascinating moving sand film as an introduction and launching point to illustrate the themes of his message and to stir people to think outside of their boundaries; this always resonates as a topic of conversation long after this powerful presentation. Using carefully honed words and persuasive images, Dave reveals formulas for consistent excellence. He inspires audience members to use effective actions, in the right place to help meet the needs of people joined in a common purpose.

Dave Gerber’s desire to inspire excellence is supported by his strong educational background and unmatched experience. He earned a Master's degree in Education from Saint Joseph's University and his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Ithaca College. He holds Leadership Coaching and Senior Executive Leadership Certificates from Georgetown University, as well as executive certificates in negotiation, leadership, and business analysis from Notre Dame and Villanova. He has also earned five diverse certificates in conflict and mediation from George Mason University. His extensive hours of training in conflict management and alternative dispute resolution add to his already impressive credentials and reputation.

3-Part Mission
It is my mission to help businesses learn to USE conflict to help increase performance, revenue and reduce risk.
It is my mission to help leadership and employees USE conflict to increase professional potential and
     performance capabilities that have instant ROI.
It is my mission to help individuals USE conflict to find the inspiration and motivation to improve their      personal/professional life with actionable skills.

To expand, my mission is to help support the workplace conflict prevention, management and resolution efforts of organizations, businesses of all sizes, government agencies and pro-active leaders that understand conflict impacts relationships and infrastructure, productivity and the bottom line.

There are dozens of innovative, hybrid, cost-effective ways to bring new skills to professionals so they can contain issues, inspire positive morale and make a significant, distinct impact on the culture.

Past and current clients believe that I have the ability to make a fundamental difference in the way people think and manage themselves and others while using positive confrontation skills to negotiate interpersonal and professional success. Using a combination of actionable content, passion, humor and a call to action, people often tell me "how inspiring and motivating - I can use these skills now!"

Someone once said, "Life is change, growth is optional." Now, more than ever, growth is survival; we must grow financially and the strengthen trust, loyalty, skills and more. As leaders, we must put individuals in a position to be successful - providing professional development skills to manage and resolve conflict is no longer optional... we are doing more with less, people are stressed to the max and most desire a better, smarter, streamlined way to move through conflict and get back to the work they love and that contributes to generating revenue.


My philosophy is to help individuals conquer conflict in their professional and personal life in order to expand upon their human potential; to use the speaking platform as a way to touch people at their core to initiate emotional responses and motivating life changes. As a conflict mediation speaker, my goal is to help individuals, businesses, schools and government agencies use conflict to increase performance, revenue and reduce risk. I do this with scores of techniques, including humor, so that I can impact every type of learner.

Kings and Queens of Conflict are able to anticipate and prevent conflict, manage it when it when it occurs and find some type of win-win resolution for all of those parties involved. I can help share my highly effective communication skills that motivate groups, reinforce teams, stimulate ideas and inspire courage to move forward together. My goal is to do keynote speaking and trainings that have a profound impact on individuals so each can make new choices about how to "show up" in the world of work, and in their personal life as well.

I always use workplace, military, real life, educational examples to bring home points and to connect with individuals. It is important to me that people take these skills and share them with as many people as possible. Workplace conflict management happens one conversation at a time, as training and speaking is meant to light the fire and provide skills to make those difficult conversations easier and more effective, as Ury and Fisher said, "Win-Win".

Clearly, not all conflict can be addressed in the classroom or large group. Much of the conflict that is faced by leaders stems from organizational structure, and these types of conflicts can often feel like incredible mountains to climb. Through innovative team coaching, facilitation and training combined with Organizational Development best practices, I and my company Synergy Development & Training can help you make decisions with conflict resolution strategies that positively impact the scores, to hundreds to multiple thousands of people that will be impacted.

Said differently, it is my passion to help leaders find answers to the conflicts that keep them up at night.

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